நாங்களே செய்ததாக எதன் மேலும் உரிமைபாராட்டிக் கொள்ள எங்களுக்குத் தகுதி இல்லை. எங்கள் தகுதி கடவுளிடமிருந்தே வருகிறது. (2 கொரிந்தியர் :3:5)

   G.Michael Antony says:  
   தங்களின் நாழ்காட்டியில் எல்லா நாட்களு க்கும் "வாசக பகுதிகள்/பதிலுரைபாடல்கள் " இடம் பெறுவதில்லையே .... அன்றாட பதிலுரைப்பாடல்கள் பற்றிய தொகுப்பு புத்தகமாக கிடைக்குமானால் தயைகூர்ந்து அனுப்பவும் . அதற்குரிய தொகையை அனுப்பித்தர தயாராக உள்ளேன் ... நன்றியுடன்    [10-10-2017]
   Daniel Sharma says:  
   why your not sending me powerpoint for every sunday.. pls send it. it was very useful for me thank you   [02-09-2017]
   Fr.Jesu Rajan says:  
   Please subscribe me with arulvakku Google groups    [24-08-2017]
   Arokiaraj.j says:  
   Nalla seyal ennaal mudintha udhavee undu.thanks.   [12-08-2017]
   Vincy jose says:  
   July 17 onwards there is no homily.. can u upload?   [12-07-2017]
   Vincy jose says:  
   There is no homily july 17 onwards... Can u upload??   [12-07-2017]
   Abuthiran says:  
   just i want to know the name of the album for the song thanthaiyea iraiva arathipen..yesuva iraiva araithipen...aaviyea iraiva arathipen...    [11-07-2017]
   JAMES says:  
   There is no feast readings... St. Thomas   [03-07-2017]
   Stanley Moe jackson says:  
   29-06-2017 Today Bible reading not able to view   [28-06-2017]
   Linus says:  
   Please check the calendar page June 24 and June 29 readings are not there. Please Update.   [23-06-2017]
   J. Danabal says:  
   Fr, in your site, to search for daily reading is sometimes very difficult, if you could re design the site like another catholic site UNIVERSALIS, where if you just open the site there appear the current readings for the particular date. Pl see that site so that you can make this page also user friendly. Thank you   [23-06-2017]
   aldrin lazer says:  
   தந்தையே நான் வெளிநாட்டில் பணிபுரிகிறேன்.சில வருடம் நான் தீய பாதையில் சென்றேன்.இதனால் நான் பெரும் மன உளைச்சல்,நிம்மதி இல்லாத வாழ்வு இப்படி பெரும் துன்பத்தில் இருந்தேன். உங்கள் வானொலியை கேட்டேன் இப்பேழுது என் மனம் அமைதியும் சாந்தமாக இருக்க உங்கள் வானொலி தான் காரணம். மேலும் மேலும் வளர கடவுளை வேண்டிக்கொள்கிறேன்   [23-06-2017]
   Vincy jose says:  
   Very good app...so useful..   [23-06-2017]
   Fr. A Johnson says:  
   thanks a lot for the reflection. is it possible to give reflection at the beginning of the month which will help a lot of people to prepare    [16-05-2017]
   Edward says:  
   This month mariyurai is not updated still .Kindly accept my appropriation. vHod bless your work. Do you have printed material?    [10-05-2017]
   georgesaba says:  
   good morning father....ennaku oru song venum pani thulium megangalay marine vasal padunkalay ithu entha alubm name solunka   [09-05-2017]
   Sagayaraj says:  
   Thiruviviliyam text is not copy...plz help individual vasam copy and other people share.. plz help   [08-05-2017]
   L N Rayan says:  
   To offer for some RIPmasses. Is there any provision?   [07-05-2017]
   Linus says:  
   Tommorrow 25/04/2017 reading missing. please update.   [24-04-2017]
   vimala maria says:  
   Dear Arulvaakku team, Kindly please update all the readings for Pacha Vigil. It will help us alot on our mass preparation. Your team is doing a great job! well done.   [14-04-2017]
   Vijayan says:  
   Dear Brother/Sister, I installed Arulvakku App in my Apple mobile running iOS 10.3.1. The App crashes in a second as I open the app. Is there anything I have to do to open the app?    [10-04-2017]
   Ramu @ Thomas William says:  
   கத்தோலிக்க திருச்சபை தந்த திருவிவிலியத்திற்கும் (யோவான் 12ல் 50 வசனங்கள் உள்ளது) அருள்வாக்கு ஆன்ட்ராய்டு அப்ளிக்கேஷனில் உள்ள திருவிவிலியத்திற்கும்(யோவான் 12ல் 48 வசனங்கள் உள்ளது) வசன அமைப்பில் வேறுபாடு உள்ளது. தயவு செய்து சீரமைப்பு செய்யவும். யோவான் நற்செய்தி ***** 12 : 16-48 or ***** 12 : 16-50.    [07-04-2017]
   asan pathu says:  
   Please enakaga pray pannunga please. Jesus enaku romba pidikum. I will never avoid to go church. Unga services Ella padichen enaku romba pidichurku məlum yellarukum ninga kandipa pray pannunga   [05-04-2017]
   j.Robert says:  
   ஐயா வாழ்த்துக்கள் மிகச்சிறந்த செயலியை உருவாக்கி உள்ளீர்கள் நன்றி இறைபக்தியை ஆழப்படுத்த உதவுகிறது. மேலும் எங்களுடைய கைப்பேசியில் வானொலி ஆனது செயல்படவில்லை அந்த சிறுபிழை நீங்கினால் மிகவும் நன்றாக இருக்கும் நன்றி   [04-04-2017]
   Andrews says:  
   Very thank you for your service, I am reading everyday. please improve the Service in Social level.    [22-03-2017]
   Fr.Jesu Rajan says:  
   please sen me arulvakku reflection to my iphone 9443795942   [27-01-2017]
   Antony Jerald says:  
   Can the subscription available in English Version as well? My Catholic friends would like to get the arulvakku bible readings, daily mass readings & other subscriptions in English language as well. Can you please help me to get those in English language as well so that I can ask them to subscribe for the same. Currently, arulvakku.com is available only in Tamil. And sometimes I get mass readings, other subscriptions in English language. with Regards, Antony Jerald.   [05-01-2017]
   johnkennedy says:  
   arudsathana thiruppali munnurai mandraddukal ivaikalaiyum valankumpadi keddukolkiren   [28-12-2016]
   robinraj says:  
   i am really love this radio. whenever i am free i am hearing this radio. every programs are good. thank you for your wonderful effect. May god bless you.    [25-11-2016]
   Sairam.R says:  
   Dear Father, really its giving a peaceful    [23-11-2016]
   Fr.Jesurajan says:  
   Please send me the arulvakku reflections    [14-11-2016]
   B. Tobias says:  
   Very useful.   [08-11-2016]
   Johnjoseph.f says:  
   Nice i like useful   [05-11-2016]
   Albert d says:  
   Sir pls.add all saints prayer and songs a complete package it will help witht us Thankyou sir   [08-10-2016]
   Linus says:  
   New changes are good. one more suggestion from me. Please add the history of daily saints not only the feast.Daily saints are there. If you add that it will be so good and useful for us.   [20-09-2016]
   benjamin says:  
   Dear Father, I am daily reading bible and reflection in this website. in my office everybody in calm working condition, when i open arulvakku website the automatic sound of songs disturb me and everybody. i know i should reduce or mute my volume,but this is not possible always. so i kindly request you to remove songs at when we open our website.. i hope and believe it will help others too. thank you for always accept our valuable comments. love. ben.   [06-09-2016]
   my father death prayer for me .   [31-08-2016]
   BENZEER DHAS says:  
   தொ.நூ10.12 நினிவேக்கும் காலாகிற்கும் இடையே மிகப்பெரிய நகரமாகிய இரசேனை அவன் நிறுவினான். Resen ரசேன்-ஐ/இரசேன்-ஐ என்று எழுதினால் பெயர் சிதைவும் குழப்பமும் தவிர்க்கப்படும். எல்லா பெயர்களுக்கும் இது பொருந்தும். பிழைகள் தவிர்ப்பதற்காகவே இலக்கணம்; அதுவே பிழைகளை உருவாக்குவது அபத்தம். நல்ல தமிழன் தமிழகத்தில் ஆட்சியமைத்து தமிழ் இலக்கணத்தைத் திருத்தும் வரை குழப்பங்களைத் நாமும் தொடர வேண்டாமே. இங்கிலீஷ் இலக்கணத்தின் மேன்மைகளைத் தமிழிலும் ஏற்போம்.   [18-08-2016]
   Prem Kumar S says:  
   Dear Fr., Greetings! I am here to request you to teach me the procedure in Tamil to make confession. I am an IT professional working closely with Religious, being close to the religious i was shy to confess to them and also i never stay in home town and used go around India for my Job purposes. Having these small reasons i failed make confession for last two years and almost forgotten how to confess. But still i used personally go to chapel or church when ever i get chance and used to confess myself. But i want to make a real confession now and feel guilty of not confessing. Please help me. Thank You    [19-07-2016]
   Mathew vincent says:  
   The common bible ( thiurvivilium) was recreated by both catholic and protestants so that both can use the same bible. when they dont follow what was agreed what is the need for us to use thiruvivilium. Kindly explain   [06-07-2016]
   sowmy says:  
   Please upload the days calender (narcheithi vaasagam)   [04-07-2016]
   F.BACKIYA MARY says:  
   Father We Thanks to God for your service   [22-06-2016]
   John Peter says:  
   I want join in bible study course   [04-06-2016]
   Antony ligesh says:  
   Sunday mass and preaching did not shown fully   [29-05-2016]
   Alban Vencilaus says:  
   So Thanks for Great Job. its very usefull for mu daily spritual Life.   [29-05-2016]
   rev.d.manickaraj says:  
   please pray for me   [28-05-2016]
   Vincent says:  
   Add Everyday Gospel Reading Pls   [10-05-2016]
   Linus says:  
   Please update the May month Calendar details.   [04-05-2016]
   vijay says:  
   the calendar of the month could be updated in one moth advance time    [01-05-2016]
   Fr arun says:  
   Nice   [30-04-2016]
   amal raj says:  
   While opening the app it get automatically closed..    [06-04-2016]
   Rosary Fernando says:  
   mAY BE sPACE PROBLEM ? Good Friday, Easter Sunday Reflections are also incomplete in the web site, father ! KINDLY NOTE !   [18-03-2016]
   Rosary Fernando says:  
   Maundy Thursday Sermon/Reflection incomplete , Father ! PLS DO THE NEEDFUL !   [18-03-2016]
   Rosary Fernando says:  
   PALM SUNDAY GOSPEL/REFLECTION INCOMPLETE IN WEB SITE, Father ! Pls do the needful   [18-03-2016]
   Tom Kurudeepan says:  
   Please let me know whether you have or working on Ibreviary or Liturgy of the Hours in Thamil. If you have online Breviary I like to have one. thank you for all the Tamil Faith Work you are doing.   [16-03-2016]
   Linus says:  
   Some days full details not available in the calendar. for Ex. palm Sunday, Good Friday reading. please do something.   [15-03-2016]
   Mary Rajasingham says:  
   I want to thank you for your service,    [14-03-2016]
   Victor says:  
   Very good site with Daily bible readings. Thank you very much   [05-03-2016]
   Valan Rajesh.P says:  
   Good Morning Father, Myself Valan Rajesh.P Working in Chennai,Today (06/03/16) In Morning Mass at Chrompet ,I came to know about the ArulVakku Site ,It can downloaded in Android Mobile.Can You Please extend your support to I Phone also ,It will be useful for the I Phone Users. Pls take it up my kind request and Pls do the needful. Thanks&Rgds, Valan Rajesh.P   [05-03-2016]
   Sagayaraj says:  
   Arulvakku Internet Radio is very good. Could you please publish the regular schedule online? This could help us to listen to selective services or plan ahead of time.   [04-03-2016]
   R Lawrence says:  
   I visited MANAVI.COM to download tamil mass hymns. I was directed to buy CD from a quoted website and thus happened to visit this page. I could not get what I required either free down load or on payment. Please check. Thanks.   [04-03-2016]
   R.FRANCIS says:  
   Dear and respectful sir, some words missing in numbers 7:54. please do needful. thanking you.   [13-02-2016]
   Julian Gabriel says:  
   Dear Rev Father,I would like to thank for giving us to read the daily bible readings through Arulvakku May God Bless you and entire Arulvakku staff.   [01-02-2016]
   Clement Anthony says:  
   Kindly publish February readings.    [29-01-2016]
   Alexander says:  
   Plz update readings for a month   [16-01-2016]
   Dr.D.Samuel Jayakumar says:  
   Is there songs on all the Psalms,If so kindly give me the details?    [16-01-2016]
   jayapriya says:  
   life   [02-12-2015]
   Ratchagadoss sdb says:  
   Thank you. Bible daily and fr . Theophilus reflection daily to be subscribed to fr . Vasanth   [24-11-2015]
   michael says:  
   Dear father, praise the lord father,i want know about this verse Romans 1:7,this verse is not in our holy bible,but we can see this in moble bible. what is a reason father,pl shall u clear my confusion. thank u father.   [26-10-2015]
   francis says:  
   அனைத்து விதமான செப புத்தகம் (திருகுடும்பம் செப புத்தகம் ) தங்களிடம் உள்ளதா. அல்லது எங்கு கிடைக்கும் என்று தெரிய படுத்தவும். நன்றி   [19-10-2015]
   vallabadoss says:  
   I wish to hear Te Deum ( Iraivaa ummai yaam porri pugazhginrom) in Tamil. Nowadays nobody sings that thanks giving song even on 31st of december.   [03-09-2015]
   Vincent says:  
   Hello, Recently I checked your website and not able to find the "Hymm", section where we used to check Tamil devotional songs lyrics. Thanks Vincent   [10-08-2015]
   Rexon Fernando says:  
   Dear Father, Your daily bible reading is very useful for us and thanks a lot for your team's effort to spread God's words all over the world. I have a request from my side. We are using your bible readings in Tamil unicode format in our Church for nearly one year on Sundays. We are displaying the bible reading using 52" Plasma TVs inside the church using power point slideshow. Is there any possibility to upload all the readings of Sundays during first week of the particular month? Thanks a lot. Regards Rexon Fernando   [05-08-2015]
   josephjawahar says:  
   Happy to see and use the newly updated Arulvakku. I continue to pray for the work of Arulvakku. Proclaiming the Word of God is the first job of each individual as Jesus said. Thank you Arulvakku team members   [28-07-2015]
   Thanamjesu says:  
   kudumpa aseervatham,children education   [28-07-2015]
   Robby says:  
   Hi, for some reason I'm having trouble getting my emails through. Can you tell me what is the best phone number to reach you at? Thank you   [21-07-2015]
   Rexon Fernando says:  
   Dear Sir Please check the bible reading at http://www.arulvakku.com/calendar.php. July 12th reading is present in 19th July and 19th reading is present in 26th July. Regards Rexon   [18-07-2015]
   S.S.C.Joseph says:  
   ஜயா வணக்கம் இறைவனின் ஆசீர் என்றும் உங்கள் அனைவரோடும் இருக்கும் ஜயா உங்கள் இணையத்தள வானோலி சேவையை பாராட்டுகிறேன் நன்று இருப்பினும் இச்சேவையின் நிகழ்ச்சிகள் அட்டவணைப்படுத்தப்பட்டு காட்சிப்படுத்தப்படுமாயின் அதனை பார்த்து நாம் சேர்ந்து ஜெபிக்க உதவியாக இருக்கும் என நம்புகிறேன் I hope may you understand my request pls. May god Bless you all and your service for ever Amen.  
   Anto Johnson says:  
   All, It is a fantastic upgrade design work completed with the web pages. In the "Naal Kaati", dates & days are not correct, atleast for June 2015. Could you please help correcting. Thank you.  
   Joseph Xavier says:  
   Thank you for the changes, its excellent. I am a constant user of this site and very happy to see the recent changes. God Bless you. I am currently writing "Bible Mantharhal" in daily thanthi Aanmeega Malar ( Tuesdays ). Thank you for the changes.   
   JOHN XAVIER says:  
   SAGAYARAJ.A says:  
   praise The Lord God bless your health and Social services AVI Maria   
   Antony Sagayaraj says:  
   Please I Want St Antony massage Father (Name I Don't know) Good massage   
   Ezhil Antony says:  
   Its very useful the tamil bible module for my sword androin bible application. And I expect another tamil module for android bible that is the Former Catholic Tamil Bible. Can you help me. And the tamil font used in mysword is good. May I know the name of the font?  
   H LENIN says:  
   Dear father please provide Bothe Tamil & English BIBLE in pdf format. so that we can carry the BIBLE in the mobile and save into the systems.so that we can read the BIBLE without internet. Thank you soo much to provide this excellent service in the online. Regards lenin 9884264651  
   A. Lawrance says:  
   Dear Rev. Father Greetings! Thank you so much for ur wonderful work. Daily I follow your web site. Thanks a lot.   
   john says:  
   If u can please send the Sunday readings in the form of power point presentation.ghank you  
   please send me the mariyan way of the cross in tamil.since we have retreat for legion of mary members in coimbatore region.kindly send me as soon as possibe through mail. thank you, ave maria.  
   saint anthoniyar chruch says:  
   It's very nice site and very useful to me and another . They had a lot of inorfamtion in that thanks very much   
   MARY says:  
   please send me the mass and 1,2 readings introductions.  
   Santhosh Benedict Raja says:  
   I expect munnurai and mandrattu for every sunday mass and celebration mass.... Could u please send me.....  
   Sr.Bridget says:  
   Fr I sincerely congratulate you for your wonderful service.your arul vakku is really very useful.May God grant you all your good wishes in the year 2015   
   Anthonyraja Sandanasamy says:  
   Very useful side.  
   Edwin Jessiah says:  
   good service  
   joe says:  
   thank you so much for ur service  
   sathish says:  
   i am unable to learn peoples life activities.my learning ability is blocked.evil spirits.please pray for me.  
   bosco says:  
   i need our whole bible in pdf or word format pls help me and send me to mu mail.. it is really difficult for me to copying and pasting the whole thing waiting for your reply Bosco  
   Dominic says:  
   Dear Father, Today's (7 Nov 2014) first reading was found to be yesterday's reading. I don't know this error is only today, or this is happening for many days. Please check that. God Bless you all.   
   kindly send me the sunday 1&2 reading introduction for the mass on nov9th ...pls send me the mail..kindly do the needful. even send me the visuvacigal mandratu....thank u..ave maria....  
   David Rozario says:  
   Praise and Thanks be to God for giving you His Amazing Grace and strength to start the Arulvakkum FM radio which has become my lifeline. Hats off to you. Well done and keep it up. With prayers I remain.  
   stephen says:  
   fr.i want 15 promices of rosary from maria iin tamil format pls send me via mail and dont forget to upload in this website in rosary page  
   R G PRAKASAM says:  
   Dear Rev. Fr., Where can I get MP3 cassettes in Chennai? Whether it contains 100 songs. Thanks & Regards Prakasam  
   R G PRAKASAM says:  
   Dear Rev. Fr., Sunday Liturgy & reflection was very useful. I will be much thankful, if you please provide reflections for the other days also. With Prayers Prakasam R G  
   jesudass says:  
   A.V.Thomas says:  
   I am happy that I am receiving your message on daily basis. songs/lyrics available on Holy spirit and Praise and worship? Is the Vatican vanoli is available by post on subscription?   
   A.B.Costo says:  
   Dear fr! Arulvaku is a super service Please continue this. Its very useful for us God bless you and your team Thanks a lot fr. A.B.Costo Jaffna Srilanka  
   ganesan says:  
   Why did Jesus Christ was killed on cross?  
   MEGALA says:  
   MEGALA says:  
   jesrun says:  
   please Saturday Sunday readings mattum one monthuku ullatha first month start agumpothe podunga.plz.thankyou  
   Sagaya selvaraj .A says:  
   useful readings are put up. requesting you to give sunday reading( for 6th July)on NAAL KAATI.  
   Kumar mcconnell says:  
   Father, Kindly send daily bible words Gospel to my mobile number 9500075393. Thanking you,  
   Joseph Rathnaraj says:  
   Congratulations..As I opened Arulvakku, Songs and sermon flashed out. Very clear even o far away in Australia  
   Joseph Rathnaraj says:  
   At your suggestion I opened Arulvakku.com and nice songs, and sermon came out. The first song I listened was that of Madu Matha of Jaffna. Good of you. Very clear even so far away in Australa. Congratulations and wishes....FR Joseph Ratnaraj, in the City of Pertha. WA  
   Fr. Arul Maran SDB says:  
   Dear Rasa, I was listening to the online Arulvakku Radio...The quality is so good. It was so inspiring and helped me to work on my computer better with the sense of the Sacred. Congratulations for your wonderful efforts to initiate online Radio. This is yet another milestone in the history of arulvakku. Best wishes and prayers for spreading God's word to mor epeople in creative ways. God bless all your works and initiatives.  
   s.anand gnana selvam says:  
   Father, Really a great effort to come up with a site for Tamil Bible.send to mobile bible verses fr. 8012096366  
   celine says:  
   In kids zone the bible pic is not visible, make it portable and downloadable; enabling us to view and print those pics so that it can be used in catechism for children. Please reply or call us at 9768287336 thank you  
   Eggal vittu kadan perchanai thira   
   JOHN XAVIER says:  
   ben says:  
   dear fr. thank you very much for naalkaati daily bible verses, and thank you for updating daily. just like to give one suggestion for sunday naalkati. please put munnurai in first , then first reading second reading. so it will give introduction for this week and thoughts of today. everytime when i read,i wanted to tell u this, let it manrattu in last. thanks a lot. ben.  
   leo says:  
   Hi, Do u guys have Tamil bible with audio for android. I could able to find for English bible. But Im need of it n Tamil. Thanks in advance. Thanks for maintaining this website. God bless you all.  
   j. George says:  
   குருவானவருக்கு, உங்கள் அனைத்து விடயங்களும் சிறப்பானதாகும். எனினும் சனி, ஞாயிறு கிழமைக்கான மன்றாட்டுகளையும் தயவு செய்து பிரசுரிக்கவும். நன்றி, உண்மையுள்ள, ஜோர்ஜ்.  
   deva says:  
   thanks a lot for the help you are doing. i appreciate your generosity . i kindly request you to post the sunday readings in advance. that will be useful for many   
   ANTHONIRAJ says:  
   அரூமையாக இருக்கிறது தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் பணிகள்  
   jesintha patrick says:  
   its very usefull. why you didnt put thirupali mantratu for the coming sunday  
   amsiniazarudeen says:  
   all of them but when we are enter in this website play some audio(jesus) songs.. that increase visitors most interest..  
   M. Murugan says:  
   I would like to become a catholic christian. I go to church. But I am unable to disclosed my desire with the church authorities. Kindly pray for me for my wishes to be accomplished. 9488055249  
   M. Murugan says:  
   I Would like to become a Catholic Christian. Kindly guide me.  
   elizabeth says:  
   could you kind explane about " Assembly of the synod of bishops" in tamil.  
   K.Vanitha says:  
   Dear Brother I want words of Jesus through SMS in my mobile. My Number 9944156800. Through Jesus words i feel to have stress less life. Kindly provide me SMS Words  
   Nepolian says:  
   Could you please send me the Tamil version of prayer after receiving holy communion. thanks in advance  
   meena says:  
   sir Please ur arulvakku bible msg through my email ( meenaa.k2000@gmail.com)  
   meena says:  
   sie i want arulvakku throuhg my email id ( meenaa.k2000@gmail.com)  
   This site is very useful to us for preparing missilite in Tamil. Can you sent the readings of 33rd week?   
   L.G. Anthony says:  
   Is there a English version of this website. if so please give me the address  
   Fr.jerome says:  
   fr.this is much useful for my ministry.My best wishes to you fr.  
   J.Primussavio says:  
   Joseph A says:  
   இயேசுவுக்குப் புகழ், நான் எனது கைபேசியில் தங்களது 'திருவிவிலியம்' (Self Fond)மென்பொருளைப் பதிந்து பயன்படுத்தி வருகிறேன். மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கிறது. நன்றி! ஆனால் உள்ளடக்கம் யாவும் தூய தமிழாக (பொது மொழி பெயர்ப்பு) இருக்கும்போது நூற்களின் பெயர்கள் மட்டும் பழைய கொடுந்தமிழிலே இருக்கிறது.(உ.ம்)தொடக்கநூல்-ஆதியாகமம். இதை மட்டும் தூய தமிழிலேயே மாற்றியமைத்து விட்டால் மிகவும் நன்றாக அமையும். மிகவும் நன்றி! அ.ஜோசப்.  
   S.Mohan says:  
   Paavasangeerthanam seivathu eppaty endru vilakkavum  
   Jessey Chitra D says:  
   Could you pls include Quiz for New Testament and New Testatment in Tamil in Arulvakku website?   
   prathap says:  
   i need tamil catholic magazenes for my ministry. if intraduce me then i will pay and get it every month  
   Rextina Babu says:  
   Hi.. It will be good if there is some images of mother mary, holy family, etc.. i mean separate tab for IMAGES. Also, UI (User interaction) is not good in online shopping. Plz improve it. improve UI for this website. It will be really good. Please ignore if am wrong. Thanks in advance if you are take this :) praise the lord. Mariye vazhga Regards, Rextina Babu.  
   M.Leo arockiaraj says:  
   Dear Fr, I like this site very much. Its helps me to be with god always. Now I am in Ranchi. I am not able to understand hindi. So this site helps me to read the mass readings and reflections. thank you very much, Yours in Christ, M.Leo arockiaraj   
   P. Gerald says:  
   Please send menpural   
   inbaraj savariyar says:  
   pls provide the bible in pdf with download option. It will bw very useful for all.  
   arobana says:  
   i want liturgy reading for 7/4/2013 pls update in the calender.then it is useful for us  
   Ezhil says:  
   I need bible quotes for the people those who are in sorrow of death.  
   danielfernands says:  
   this good  
   Jessey Chitra David says:  
   Sunday Reflections in English is available in the websites. We have only a few websites in tamil for catholics. Request you to include Sunday Reflections in Tamil providing the readings for that Sunday, Mass introduction, 1st reading, 2nd reading introduction, explanation of 1st, 2nd and gospel readings and commentary for those readings. This will help the tamil speaking christians. Pls see click the link http://cbci.in/Sunday-Reflections.aspx for english. Hope you would consider my humble request  
   julie says:  
   thank uuuu... very much i search for st joseph novena prayer.. god grace i got it.. thank u ... and wonderful blessing may shower on uuuuuuu... thank uu....   
   Benzigar says:  
   You are doing well.If you add daily saints's life it would be still better. Thank you  
   Bosco says:  
   sir i ve korian mobile how to download this app with out zip file  
   j.johnsonsundersingh says:  
   very useful to all.  
   Nyanamary d/o Agastien says:  
   VAHIDHA says:  
   Father, First time I visited this Arulvakku site today. I am very impressed about this website. Thank you very much for your service and I pray for your good health   
   Packianathan.fr says:  
   very informative... interesting.. i like u... i would like to use all these things..   
   Claret stany says:  
   பொதுவான நமது மறை பற்றிய சந்தேகங்களை மற்றும் நமது வாழ்வின் சந்தேகங்கள் பற்றி நேரடியாக குருக்களுடன் கேட்டு தெளிவு பெற ஏதேனும் வலைத்தளம் இருக்கிறதா?  
   Bosco says:  
   thank u thank u thank u thank god the almighty iwas searching for tamil bible but i got only other bibles which dint have all the books today only i got thank u so much arulvakku team GLORY BE TO THE LORD ALONE  
   micheal .dass says:  
   after long time i heare a superp tamil mass thank you for the hole team   
   vijayan.s says:  
   very happy to enter our arulvakku website so i too love the teem of arulvakku  
   i register my mobile number 9047281802 for daily bible message in mobile. but i didnt get message. please send bible message daily to my mobile.  
   Jona doss says:  
   I need your help to access the daily gospel in tamil version. Please help me.  
   Antony says:  
   Dear Fr., Please teach the real content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in 'Maraikalvi'. Please teach about the Faith and Morals. I request you not to give the Church news as Catechism.  
   Maria Anthuvan.M says:  
   How can I Read "THIRUVIVILIUM" offline? Where can I get the software? How download this to my computer? Kindly reply. Thanks For the wonderful ministry you are doing. Our God has the reward for all deeds.  
   Pradeep Paul says:  
   Brother, delighted to see your great work. I am from Singapore, we are offering free computer training and spoken english lessons for migrant workers from Tamil nadu. I am looking for a software to send tamil SMS for non-android devices (old phones). We wanted to evangelize these students by sending them some notifications about the class and daily 2 liner bible devotions. Let me know if know of any such software. May God bless you abundantly. best regards, Pradeep Smyrna Assembly Mission for Education (SAME) http://smyrnaassemblymissionforeducation.blogspot.sg/   
   shofia says:  
   i am not getting bible words daily in sms. pls send daily bible words. my mobile number 9790679017  
   Joseph says:  
   Dear Rev.Father, Please add audio songs for listening daily. Thank you.  
   Alen says:  
   I feel its a very good site to read catholic Bible in Tamil. Could you please provide some information about why catholic and why not other denominations in christian.   
   Thomaschandrasekar says:  
   Dear Father, Why are you not making the software for our audio RC bible, if have please sent the details, I am also a Arulvakku subscriber. Thank you, Thomaschandrasekar   
   மிகவும் பயனுல்ல பகுதியாக இருந்தது இதை என்னால் முடிந்த அளவு பிரிண்ட் எடுத்து மற்றவர்களுக்கு கொடுத்து பயன்பெற செய்வேன்   
   J Benedict says:  
   Very nice to see. Add more songs  
   john joseph jawahar says:  
   I really appreciate the mission of Arulvakku which helps me to read the messages and also the songs are good. I wish all the best to the Team members of Arulvakku. I am proud to be a member.  
   Pushparajah P says:  
   My mobile number is, 9551084322. I tried twice for sms updates from you. Sent sms "ON ARULVAKKU" to your mobile number given but no response so far. Can you please look into this? My our Lord Jesus shower his abundant blessings on you all for the amazing job.  
   vijay says:  
   i would like to follow the RC christian Kindly guide me.  
   vijay says:  
   I would like to follow the The Lord Jesus christ,kindly guide me to follow.  
   Julia says:  
   Very good to know about this site and its very useful to read our Lord's words online. But while searching by word it doesn't give the proper result...please see to it and do the needful. It will be very useful to learn more in bible. Thanks in advance  
   A.Joseph says:  
   Kindly the Bible Quiz on Mathew Gospel for Bible Sunday on 30th in tamil Pl send me or How can we search thanking you A.Joseph   
   Dear Rev.Father Greetings. Very excellent work.I am Mr.A.Sagayanathan, My Parish - St.Joseph's Church, Wellington One of the Oldest Church, in Nilgiris. If any new songs please inform by e mail. thanks  
   peter.A says:  
   dear sir/modem, i want spiritual books in tamil. theology of the body written by pop, that book i want in tamil,1.how to understand in god's wisdom through bible? i want theological books or display in your website., can you help me?  
   Rosario Krishnan.c says:  
   Dear Father Greetings, I highly appreciate you for your wonderful Arulvaakku website Every one who is RC should follow and meditate this daily Arulvaakku. Specially, I love to see calendar which is more useful for being a Christian. Sunday mass readings are as sweet as laddu. As I seen only Auguest month having Sunday readings. I wish to have readings on sundays for the year at least 2012 Of every month in advance. That is the perfect meaning of calendar. Hope you understand my request, please be add readings for all the Sunday's of the year 2012 in advance. Thank you God bless you and your ministry Roasario Krishnan.c Indian Army   
   Juliet says:  
   Good Day fr. Adaikalarasa, I would like to know if Youcat is there in Tamil too, if not; why not Arulvakku takes the initiative to bring out the translation of it in Tamil. One more thing to know, we are planning to introduce our Digital learning from the Communicating Christ Digitally in our Parish. Tried to copy the songs from Irai Alaihal, but dont know what the font style is. May I know the font style to copy the songs for our use? With kind regards, Juliet  
   Dear Rev Father. I have been started reading the bible since last two months. It is very useful website. I would be glad if this website would have given daily reading from Old testament too. Thanks & Best Regards J A Victor Rozario   
   S. Stephen says:  
   Dear Father, If you have the lyrics of Madhumalar Niraikodi of St.Joseph song, Please forward me or send it to me. I will be very happy if I get the lyrics. With regards S. Stephen  
   pauline says:  
   Pauline Anes raj hi good morning Dr. father god words are very usefull to us,very thanks. Dear Fr, I happened to visit your Website. It is excellent! Very informative.I shall be grateful to you if you could create prayer Request provision to send our prayer requests.   
   nepolian says:  
   I unable to view the webpages. which font i want to install thank you...  
   MR B M M MANOHARAN says:  
   I live in UK and want to buy a Tamil Bible but I found that you are not indicating your postage charges for out side India (to UK)in your web pages.  
   Ajith Dito says:  
   Rev.Farther I need every day bible quotes on my mobile.so what can i do. Thank U.  
   antonyfatima says:  
   your changes in the first page were always wonderful.God helps you every time,me and my family will pray for you and this web forever.  
   M. Vedanayagam says:  
   Dear Rev. Father, In the previous version of the web page you have given all the books of the old and New testment on the left and right sides. It was very easy for us to selecet a particular book and red the chapters. In this new web version it is not available. Pl. provde this facility. Thanks.  
   Malathy Jawahar says:  
   How to download the tamil rosary? I donot have proper connectivity always. Hence need to download.  
   Puthuvazhvu Tenkasi Ministry says:  
   Dear Fr. Sundar, Hope you are doing good. I would like to know regarding the possibility to link Puthuvazhvu Website from Arulvakku website. Puthuvazhvu Tenkasi website was recently launched. http://www.puthuvazhvu.org.in It would be great, if you can place / add this weblink on Arulvakku website. Thank You.  
   Pious Janet Family says:  
   Daily Quotations from Bible  
   Arockia Premanand says:  
   This website is very useful to all and grow with holy sprit. Thouse who are working for this website it's really,honestly and sincerely done this work. Through their work effort all peoples can change turn from sin life to holy life. We are sinceely thanks to your team and wish u all suscess to your team.  
   nice beautiful site and having most useful links thanks chris  
   Albert says:  
   Really very superb website and Thank you very much. Very useful and Thank & PRAISE you GOD for giving such wonderful people behind this hard work.  
   A. Joseph Ravi says:  
   Dear sir I am very Happy to know this web Arul vakku ,Our Lord Jesus christ bless all I thank you one and all to create web for Tamil catholic,   
   yessolakshmi s. n. says:  
   Praise the Lord. Ave Marie. I m receiving arulvakku. Andavaruku kodi nandri. I was receiving mesg but for the past 10 days i didnot receive arulvakku thro my mobile. As it was v v useful to forward to 53 members to spread Gods words. I kindly request you to send to my mobile 9884269317  
   G Francis Arulanandam says:  
   Dear Father Thanks be to God for operating this site and its adds value to many christians. Appreciating your works. Just a suggestion on Loading song lyrics; if you find it difficult to type the songs, alternatively scan tamil song lyrics and kindly publish all missing songs.   
   sheela says:  
   hi good morning god words are very usefull to us,very thanks  
   emmanuel says:  
   your services are very inspiring and helpful. "Thank you very much" may god bless us all.  
   Praise the Lord. Ave Marie. I was receiving the daily arulvakku thro sms. I m sending this to my friends 53 members daily God's Arulvakku. These 3 days i m not receiving so i m sending this message to u father  
   Stella mary says:  
   It's a very interesting website. intha website introduce pannathuku thank u so much,i daily visit this website. thank u  
   Antony Jerald J says:  
   I'm doing MCA in Trichy. I recently visited the website. It's really good for spiritual activities regarding rosery, bible, audio songs etc., This is the web site I'm expecting for a long time. Please make some aware so that every one would be familiar with the web site arulvakku.com  
   leela says:  
   the video songs are marvellous. Kindly add some more video songs so that we may lead a spirutual life.  
   leela says:  
   Kindly please add bible in tamil(audio). This is my kind suggestion  
   lalitome says:  
   அன்புடையீர், எங்களுடைய பிரச்சனைகளை 'ஜெப வேண்டுதல்' பகுதிக்கு சுலபமாக எழுதி அனுப்ப முடிவதில்லை . வேளாங்கண்ணி,லூர்ட்ஸ் போன்ற ஸ்தலங்களில் பின்பற்றப்படும் முறையை பயன்படுத்தினால் நன்றாகவும் எளிதாகவும் இருக்கும் என்று நினைக்கிறேன். தசெய்து இதை பரிசீலிக்கவும். அன்புடன், தாமஸ் .எ   
   Antonydhas says:  
   this is good and i need to download the songs pls tell the route to download songs   
   selvaraj says:  
   Breaking the Word could be uploaded regularly on the previous day itself.  
   Thomas Arul says:  
   Dear Fr, I happened to visit your Website. It is excellent! Very informative.I shall be grateful to you if you could create prayer Request provision to send our prayer requests.  
   clementj says:  
   sir, i saw this website ..........i like tis very much...so many months i searched to get like this wonderful spritual tamil website now i got that...i m happy now thank you and yourteam  
   Dheena says:  
   jesus is great i want to songs download  
   Sahitha Eric says:  
   Really you have done a wonderful work.. Happy to hear songs and readngs.. Also given worth readings and drawings for kids.. God bless u all .. If possible put unnathangalile mass song in different tunes... Thanks and pray for us  
   Aseer Rasa says:  
   Praise God While I was going through the reading for December 03, 2011, the church has omitted verse Isa 30:22 intentionally so that the people may get disturbed. I don't understand why the church cannot rise up now in the last days to teach the truth from the gospel. Please do not misunderstand for raising this issue. I want my church to grow in the word of God. We face much criticism from the other denominations. Thank you   
   johns says:  
   Hlw fr.... thanks for ur hardwork & ur team work. may god bless u from Zion  
   samidoss paulraj says:  
   I was extreamly happy to pray the Tamil Rosary. I am sad now.Why buffering pauses ?!  
   Alwin says:  
   Dear Brother, How are u ? I am fine. Thank to Lord. SO nice Songs and Nice Website.I pray for u & ur services. I need here one song is the their that one is Matha Songs.from where u took this song. I need this songs how to download it.Thanks with pray.Alwin  
   zephrinrayan says:  
   why dont we have tamil bible verse  
   Peter's Paul says:  
   I can't hear songs in you web site.  
   S.Maria Micheal says:  
   Dear father, i like to suggest you that kindly upload everyday Holy mass.   
   Fr. Selvakumar says:  
   Your website is very useful. Please guide how to copy Tamil Bible to word for editing and printing. Thanks,  
   lensiya says:  
   im in france .i missed all the songs and cristians prayer.but this web is helping for me too much.now i spend lots of time with this website.im happy to listining songs.if i want to download this songs what can i do  
   Doss says:  
   Hai sir a god website. But mobile daily arulvakku sms english,so send tamil message.thank u  
   Moses says:  
   hi. enakku silai valipaadu patri oru nalla vilakkam thaanrungal.silai valipaadu sariya thavara ?  
   maria joseph says:  
   really THANKS..to all..i love u all..now i am not feel i am alone..i am with my religion people..thanks for all..GOD BLESS YOU ALL  
   A.THIVYARAJAN says:  
   vimal says:  
   This service is very useful for us, thank to god and pray for u,My kindly request please give bible words in audio mode and give software download option thank u..  
   arokkiasamy says:  
   Dear Father,I will be very happy if you add one more thing in our site.(i.e) oppumai quotations  
   Jeffry Andrew says:  
   I'd Like To Get Ordinary Common Tamil Bible For My Mobile Similar To Thiruviviliam. Thank You.. Please Mail Me.. After Preparing It.  
   bob albert says:  
   Praise The Lord...! I'm Bob Albert from udumalpet. Really Nice work and good work too. I request you to pray me & my future. Last year I lost lot of money in my business. Still i'm suffering a lot. I Trust in JESUS. Kindly pray for me and my new Business to set well and grow well. Thank you.  
   Prabu says:  
   Please send me daily Tamil readings.  
   vinodhini says:  
   Hi, Can you send me the Daily reading in Tamil  
   shalini says:  
   Very very nice site,great job,keep it up.God bless.  
   Josephine Nirmala says:  
   This is my Mob No. 9833225359 I want daily one message in bible in Tamil Pls. Can you help me  
   Johnjosephjawahar says:  
   Your web site is very useful for me since i am looking after the tamil choir in St.Louis church, Adyar. Some of the stories from Arulvakku is touching and very much informative. Convey my best wishes to Arulvakku team and i continue to pray for your service of God and to the people teddy bear wallpapers, daemon tools  
   siril sathiyam says:  
   our website is very deep opinions and excellent videos and audios. so i want to our site. many more people's and our catholic christian people use in site. so i am very happy. continue your divine service. thank you god.  
   Prabin Russel says:  
   I am using nokia 5530 expressmusic I need tamil bible software which suitable for my mobile please help me  
   Anthony Mildred says:  
   Dear Revernts Arulvakku is the blessing od jesus to us we are very proud,one request shal we get the programe of how to play key board as lesson?  
   jastin Mathew.R says:  
   mariyea vazhga, i had got one information from our church catechist, i want to know that information is right or wrong please help on me my contact Number Jastin - 9994508318. I belong to St.Xavier Chruch Villupuram  
   jastin Mathew.R says:  
   mariyea vazhga, i'm jastin from Villupuram, i want to konow about one thing about mircale done by jesus can any one help on this  
   Jeffry Andrew says:  
   I Request you to Prepare ordinary Tamil Bible Without Tamil Fonts. Hence most of the sites are preparing Mobile bible with support of Tamil Fonts..  
   lawrence says:  
   where I can find the arulvakku cd?  
   Augustine I says:  
   Dear Father, This website is very nice for the catholic community. 1. You have put up visitors queries only. If you could also show your reply to them It will be very nice. 2. I am assisting a priest a daily bible verses in many languages. I have king james version where I could select a verse and copy it. I would like to have catholic translation. could you send me the font which you are using so I will be able to copy it. Appreciate your help on this With regards I.Augustine  
   Aseer Rasa says:  
   Monthly we are producing a Devotional Book based on our daily mass readings for the last ten years. We had been using a CD that has lot of errors and we spend lot of time in correcting and comparing with the book. The bible in the internet is in unicode and unable copy and paste. Is there any possibility to help us overcome this difficulty? Also we are anxious to find out whether you could provide any resources to promote more effectively to help our Tamil community. The devotional book is produce by Tamil Catholic New Life Good News Prayer Group.  
   jeyaseelan says:  
   hi.. It is really amazing site. Please upload more old song collections.   
   deepa says:  
   i am really very happy  
   tamilselvan says:  
   It is a wonderful Work. I am living in Germany and help me a lots. It gives a pleasure as if i am in Tamil Nadu Church. Thanks a lot Tamil Selvan  
   a.jebastin says:  
   aangal viruthosanam seiya venduma ? silai valipadu sariya, thavara? please replay me   
   Justin kennedy says:  
   It's very useful to us. Thank you fr.   
   antony prabhu says:  
   Thanks to lard Jesus.now a days technology always goes wrong way but the arulvaaku.com very use full us to bring divine way. thanks once again , "Mary pray for us "   
   Michael Raja says:  
   Dear Father Please provide some flash page or some content in index empty space. Thank You  
   Bro.I.Stephen says:  
   I really appreciate your hard work and commitment in quenching th spiritual thirst of the people in a different way. Can i download the songs (PPT) sound &light from your site. Otherwise have you produced any cassettes consisting of all those songs if so give me the details. thanking you  
   stephan hari says:  
   tamil catholics,iam hari from st carmel annai alayam coimbatore tamilnadu,any one need mother marry 3d picture we send free cantact sestindia@yahoo.co.in(or)0091 09042735237  
   sr.jaya says:  
   you r doing the wonderful service of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish my heartful wishes for u. thank you. with prayer, sr.jaya  
   chitra says:  
   Ur work is good.Will u please include the life history of saints for encouraging youth to enter priesthood?I saw few websites asking people to pray for the souls.viz,www.sufferingsouls.com.How much is that necessary to pray for the souls.how can we know they have entered the heaven.Many such things they r not making clear to the parishpeople?please introduce some devotions for the souls.and prayers for them.Thank u   
   Eugene Mariasoosai says:  
   Dear Father, Excellent.Lots of improvement.Keep it up. God Bless you.   
   sebapragas says:  
   Praise the Lord. I am very proud of this web side. God bless you.  
   rajithan says:  
   Please upload the calender for this month quickly. Only few days reading are available.   
   Michael Raja says:  
   Dear Father I saw your uploaded songs in youtube also in website. I am asking you as please upload "enthan nenchukulle nee irukka enakenna kavalai iraiva" song i like this song very much.   
   d j bakianathan says:  
   I had purchased a cd bible software in tamil a couple of months back.Even after repeated trials I am sorry to state I am finding it extremely difficult to install.Even the guidance offered is not helpful. Please release products that are user friendly. The serial no. of the CD is LHFN-F2D8-YDGS-4RRN. Your activation code is not working. Atleast suggest if there are other catholic tamil bible software in the market. Regards. bakianathan  
   nevilrayan says:  
   At present in our church on every sunday we print all readings in a page and issue it to our parishners. I am using your web page searching the concerned reading passages. If provisions could be made to locate readings of the particular day, it will be helpful to all. Kindly explore the possibility. mobile no.9380848209  
   anthonyraj says:  
   அய்யா வணக்கம், நான் சில நாட்களாக உங்கள் அருள்வாக்கு பகுதியை பார்த்துக்கொண்டு இருக்கின்றேன் ,என்போன்றோருக்கு மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கின்றது,அதில் நாட்காட்டி ,திருவிவீலியம் ,பாடல்கள் எல்லாம் சிறப்பாக இருக்கின்றது ,இதை ஒளிபரப்பிக்கொண்டிருக்கும் உங்கள் அனைவருக்கும் என் மனமார்ந்த நன்றி .உங்கள் நற்பணி தொடர ஆண்டவரை வேண்டுகிறேன் .நன்றி வணக்கம்.  
   Patrick says:  
   It is very good to see a tamil catholic website. My sincere prayers for your fruitful mission to the e-world. Thank You Let our Lord be exalted even more and more.  
   Fr. Sahayaraj osm says:  
   To whomsoever concerned. It is too difficult to install the arulvakku software. I have tried with two software technicians and both of them could not do install it. The first version was very easy and user friendly. Hope you can help me. May God bless in you all in this wonderful ministry. Fr. Sahayaraj osm Jegan Matha Priory 8. Meter factory Road, Trichy - 21 94435-29882  
   Reehan.K says:  
   Pls send the details in mail  
   Charles William J says:  
   What is the font you are using in tamil bible? Can we copy and paste in ms word?  
   Inigo LSS says:  
   Dear Arulvakku, Very Superb Site. Most useful to me as well Catholics. Easy to prepare mass and to listen more. Very proud about "Arulvakku" Suggesstion: Kindly add ''Sunday Liturgy Sheet, which is available only at Catholic Churches. best regards, INIGO 9003387759   
   Antony Ruban says:  
   Dear fr, Pls give the option for download of songs and mass  
   chitra says:  
   this website is very nice.Thank u for providing tamil Bible online  
   this is a good tamil mass service for those who resides in abroad.. really thank you for this service...praise the lord...  
   Respected; I need clarifications quote by Bible words; Annai Mariyal 'VINNAGA ARASI & VINANAGATHIRKKU SENDRA NAAL'(aSSUMPTION);   
   Amal Raj says:  
   Dear sir I am very Hapyy to know this web Arul vakku ,Our Lord Jesus christ bless all I thank you one and all to create web for Tamil catholic,   
   pemila kennedy says:  
   very nice job and it is useful for all christians..   
   saraswathy says:  
   No reading quotation for 27/July/2010 in the calendar. Tq ssaras  
   aroma says:  
   Dear Rev. Fr. Rasa You are doing a wounderful ministry through this communication. May God inspire you more and more to reach out to every one, THE WORD OF GOD. All the best. Take care. aroma  
   saraswathy says:  
   I yet to receive the details on a/c no, name and other details regarding to make payment for my purchasing online. I need to send the money thru Western Union. Pls give the details so i can send the money. Thank ssaras  
   Edwin. J says:  
   Very, Very ......fruitfull and happy to have this great opertunity. Thanks Jesus and Mother Mary  
   saraswathy says:  
   Thank you very much for a wonderful website. How can i create my e-mail id under Arulvakku.com? I did make purchase of few VCD and CD. And i choose Money order option. Can i send the money thru Western Union from Malaysia? What is the bank a/c no to do money transfer for purchasing? And i notice the Jebamalai site, we unable to listen Jebamalai for each and every mysteries. Pls look into it. Thanks ssaras  
   joseph jawahar says:  
   I am just delighted to see Arulvakku in web. It is wonderfull for me like person who can read the bible during my leisure time at work. Some of the new songs may be uploaded on the site and you may allow to download the lyrics by giving me the font. Thanking you. I continue to pray for your wonderful service  
   selwyn says:  
   very nice  
   Joseph says:  
   Dear Sir, Nice Site But I Cannot undersand in new user login please give a new login for me my contact no. 9894413329 my id josjosee@gmail.com God Bless You.  
   A.I.Suresh Babu says:  
   Very good work..Keep it up...This is boon for all christians all around the World.  
   joliver says:  
   Hallo father, I am hier joliver,oll is nise thanks your working.  
   lawrence says:  
   Dear Rev. Father/ Brother, Thanks for response of my mail and update of daily bibile reading. God bless you Lawrence  
   Dr. Clington says:  
   Fr. Rasa, u were great on my visit. Hope u r safe back in your hut My web is www.zionmission.com I am going to give a link for your web there and so could you if possible regards   
   lawrence says:  
   Please kindly inform daily bible reading not update month of June up to today 05th June, 2010, so please update daily bibile reading diary, I am waiting for favourable reply, god Bless you  
   Simon says:  
   I didn't receive daily bible reading in tamil for month of june'2010.And the calendar also without reading quotation. A simon  
   S.Saras says:  
   I didn't receive daily bible reading in tamil for month of june'2010.And the calendar also without reading quotation.  
   J.B.Alis says:  
   Dear brother, Can't you extend the "Arulvakku sms daily bible reading" to Sri Lanka.We wish that you will extend it to Sri Lankan people. God Bless You. Thanking you.  
   rosariorajkumar says:  
   Please correct 'li' in the 7th song, namely Vaazhvai aLikkum. At present it gives opposite meaning namely, instead of "giving life" it gives the meaning "killing life. Yours in christ Rosario. N.B. Please include the song previously available in arul vakku such as, ulagamellaam, azhaikkiraar yesu aandavar etc. Please consider this request.   
   JeffreeBernard.J says:  
   Rev.Dear.Fr, God bless you with good health and wisdom of Our True God. Is it possible for you to provide us the text format of Tamil bible so that we may download and save it in to our pen drive/computer. Thanking you, Remains in Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. Jeffree Bernard.J   
   christuraj@yahoo.co.in says:  
   Arulvakku is realy doing a good job. but in publication section if possible add new articals.Thank you. God may bless & guide Arulvakku teams.   
   shini says:  
   god bless you thanks lord  
   ashini says:  
   very good website  
   Gladin says:  
   Realy very excelent wem page to all over world Tamilians Thanks Father "GLORY TO JESUS" "PRAISE THE LORD"  
   GLADIN says:  
   Dear Father,can u send me asusual Bible messages to my ID?it will use to me for give message to church prayer.im now living in Abudhabi  
   M.HENRY RAJ says:  
   Dear Fr. how are you? iam very happy everyday bible reading to the computer. thanking you   
   JOSEPH SURESH says:  
   Dear Rev Father, Greetings; Really it is a Needful Website for RC Peoples. Please tey to Start a Satelite TV for Roman Catholic Peoples. Please do Updation, Thank you Very Much & do Advertisement for this Website in Every Church of TamilNadu   
   Benjamin LE BEAU says:  
   இறை வார்த்தைகளை அழகாகத் தெளிவாக அறிவுக்கும் தங்கள் மகத்தான பணி வாழ்க!  
   Suresh Solaman Raja PJ says:  
   Dear Bro, Praise the Lord. Thanx for the effort you are putting for spreading Our Eternal Jesus through the technology. Daily im getting bible verbs, its boost for me. I am using Nokia 3110 Classic & having tamil language option also. But after downloading the Bible, not able to read. The software are not opening & ask me to delete it. Pl do the needful Regards Suresh PJ  
   Christopher says:  
   Hello Dear Rev Fr,todays 17/02/10 onwards reading is missing from the Table please update. Thanks   
   lawrence .s says:  
   i read daily cell mes.thanks fr.  
   ebinesar says:  
   it was use ful for many christians who are very intrested in reading Gods word as well as meditating on Gods word , i am introduce this website to all my christins friends.  
   allan says:  
   i thank to the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Mary for giving this website: arulvakku. Praise the Lord,Ave Maria,Amen  
   S.A.Antonysamy says:  
   Rev.Fr.Jhon barnabas s.s. 's writings are veryfine.Thanks for u and FR.j   
   Christopher says:  
   Dear Fr Good Morning,Home page is looks very nice.  
   Amali Leaon says:  
   Really very useful in daily bible reading.  
   Christopher says:  
   Dear Fr,everyday before start my work ill read daily reading and also im forward daily readings to my dear once & i would like to ask you people who doest know to read in tamil those can read in english so i am requesting you to publish daily reading in english also.thank you so much dear Fr.   
   Micheal Raja says:  
   Please attach all songs include all saints songs also by downloading option in MP3 format..... or send me URL link for downloading tamil christian songs in MP3 format.........  
   Rajithan says:  
   Thanks for current calender design. Links are working fine to reach daily reading....Keep updating....  
   kulandairaj says:  
   Every day I listen to "Thuya Aviye" and the other violin songs. They take me to ecstacy. Kudos to Rev. Fr Amirthanathar and his team I will sustain you with my prayers  
   Antony karunagaran says:  
   Dear Father, I Am very Happy to reading this Web Site Messages. I will pray for you. Regards, antony.P  
   Vijai Anand says:  
   wonderfull website, I pray for each and veryone in this nobile work  
   S.I. Dinesh Joy says:  
   Informations and site are very nice. Please provide MP3 songs and books online and let us buy.   
   PRASAD says:  
   I am interested in buying your publications cds etc. Can you please send me the catalog and prices and also to whom to send th draft.  
   Rajan says:  
   You are displaying the Date in English (August 5) - when I click the page number, you can display the Gospel for that day, no?!   
   Alexandar says:  
   Arulvakku is realy doing a good job. but in publication section if possible add new articals.Thank you. God may bless & guide Arulvakku teams.   
   Prasanna Rodrigo says:  
   In bible we have some title for the versus, which is missing here. If possible, the title can be included.  
   M.Leo arockia raj says:  
   Dear Fr, I need Morning prayers with psalm and office of the readings, in tamil version, I am saying this prayers every day, This site its very helpful to me because, when i was working in the office I use to pray midday prayers in site of Universal Office the readings, Now I need Tamil version, Please Fr, help me to pray in my mother tonque, Thank ou Fr, I am belongs to Aynavaram Donbosco Parish Chennai. Yours in Christ, M.Leo  
   jayakanthan says:  
   tamil bible   
   Edwin Jose says:  
   Thank you so much dear Fr.Adaikala Rasa for such a great effort. Internet has many features which can spoil the entire society, but this one is really great to save the society. In the calender, I would expect, while clicking on the date i will be able to read the verses of that day, but I couldnt, can you please tell me the procedure Edwin  
   Terrance says:  
   what is the frequency of changing tamil mass audio file ? It would be nice if it reflects the readings corresponding to the particular day. I understand it involves quite a huge amount of effort.  
   Mrs.Rina Dennis says:  
   In front page of the website please enter the prayer for priests in tamil also. This is my humble submission.  
   David Antony says:  
   Firstly Hats Off for taking up this wonderful mission and it's a great news that upgradation is to start..here are few suggestions that you may consider to incorporate 1. Sub topics to chapters would be of greater help as is in Thiruviviliam 2. Liturgical reading 3. Search can be bit intelligent I'll continue to write for suggestions  
   A. Virgin Raj says:  
   I Want Arulvakku Software Cd. Please Send Me Through VPP  
   M.Leo Arockia raj says:  
   Its very good for christian peoples  
   DAISY T. ROSARIO says:  
   மரியே வாழ்க ! அன்புள்ள தந்தைக்கு, என் பணிவான வேண்டுகோள் ! மே மாதம் "அன்னை மரியாளின் வணக்க மாதம்" என்ற சிந்தனைக்கு விளக்க உரை (சிறப்பு உரை) தங்களின் சிந்தனைச் சிதறலில் இருந்து சில முத்துக்களை எனக்கு அன்னுப்புமாறு தங்களை மிகவும் தாழ்மையுடன் வேண்டுகிறென்.(VERY URGENT - YOU MUST SEND IMMEDIATELY) THANKING YOU, இவண், DAISY T. ROSARIO Hand Phone: 98840 61236   
   Benjamin Chinnappan says:  
   Congratulations. Amazing work.  
   Arokkiasamy says:  
   while sending SMS about the Readings,kindly add the Psalm sections also.It will be useful to us.  
   bronica says:  
   i would like to request on bible quiz in tamil  
   DAISY T. ROSARIO says:  
   Annai Mariyal -Arul Niraindhaval - Thoguppurai  
   J.arun packiaraj says:  
   very beautiful in my god speech in the words of bible, so thanking you & very good this website   
   Maria Viyani says:  
   Dear Fr., Viewed your site. Its a wonderful work. Congratulations. Prayers and wishes for your services.  
   valentine says:  
   Rev Father, In MARK 10:28 sonnar typed as sennar. pls correct it. Above error is send thru Thavattai sutta.But is not corrected. Ther is no feedback.  
   alex ponnaiah arul says:  
   It would be highly beneficial to us, the catholics if you could kindly make a database to store almost all lyrics for catholic songs.  
   goldwin says:  
   its very happy to see a good website in tamil for religious. helps lot to read bible versus even we are in office. Thanks.  
   S Joseph says:  
   Where can I see gunamakkum thirupali in the web site; I could not see anything in the web  
   Rajithan says:  
   May you add hyper link to daily reading from calender. Now you have calender and the reading for each day. But we need to filter manually. But if you can add filter when we click from calender...then it will be great help.... Thanks  
   DAISY T. ROSARIO says:  
   பதினோறு சிலுவைப்பாதைகள்,  
   benjamin says:  
   dear father ,yesterday i sent u mail about please add in your website that daily -today bible reading,here i gave the link of cmfchennai(Claretian Communications ),i baught this tamil bible dairy,its realy usefull and its has daily bible reading, so pls condact this fathers and add the link. http://www.cmfchennai.com/biblediary.htm#1  
   benjamin says:  
   dear father please add in your website that today bible reading same like mass reading in church,we like to read everyday readings and we can feel like we attend daily mass readings from church.(today bible reading full year we need).yes i think its hard job but please please please add it in this website god bless u and will give u all power to do this great job.  
   Jesuraj says:  
   அருட்தந்தை அவர்களுக்கு வணக்கம், இந்த அருள்வாக்கு டாட் .காம் மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கிறது கடவுளுடைய வார்த்தைகளை படித்து தேவனை மகிமைப்படுத்தி நாமும் மகிழ்ச்சியடைகிறோம். இதற்க்காக கடவுளுக்கும் உங்களுக்கும் கோடி நன்றி. இந்த வலைத்தளத்தில் கிருஸ்தவ பாடல்களும் இணைத்து பாடல்களை இணையதலதிளுருந்து நங்கள் கேட்டு மகிழும்படி கொண்டுவர வேண்டுகிறோம் .  
   greace says:  
   dear friends, i enjoy every bit of ARULVAKKU. and also enjoy the songs whenever iam on internet. thank you.  
   DeniXavier says:  
   Thanks for the website and the ways of designs. God Bless you...........  
   Fr. Paul Leon Varuvel says:  
   Dear Father Adaikala Rasa, After a long time I had the pleasure of visiting your amazing web site today. The new features you have added give the site a very attractive look and extraordinary richness. I am thinking of the music section, Holy Mass, various publications, word search, Pauline Jubilee, etc. You are rendering a great service to Tamil speaking Christians everywhere. I too have added some new features to my web site "www.tamilchristianweb.com" which you can check out. Congratulations for the great work you are doing!  
   Benjamin LE BEAU says:  
   அருட்தந்தை அவர்களுக்கு இனிய நல் வாழ்த்துகள்.அருள்வாக்கு ணையதளம் கண்டேன், பெரு மகிழ்ச்சி கொண்டேன். இறையரசைப் பரப்ப நல்ல வாய்ப்பு. வாழ்க தங்கள் முயற்சி! பெறுக நல்ல வளர்ச்சி எளியேனால் முடிந்த உதவிகளைச் செய்யத் தயாராக உள்ளேன். இறையருள் துணை நிற்கக் குறையொன்றும் இல்லை!  
   யோசெப் வேதநாயகம் says:  
   யோசெப் வேதநாயகம் (Meßstetten Germany) முதல் பார்வையிலேயே மகிழ்ச்சியடைந்தேன். இன்னமும் புதிய ஆக்கங்களை சேர்க்கவேண்டும். இத்தளம் எப்போதும் என்றென்றும் பொலிவுடனும் சிறப்புடனும் விளங்க பிரார்த்திக்கின்றேன். எனது நல்லாசிகள். -யோசெப்-  
   s joseph xavier says:  
   Dear Fr. I am really very thank to you,for giving the "Gunamakkum Thiruppali" for your web site. I hope this is very useful to many people Spiritual life.  
   S.Christy Rajan says:  
   Dear Brother, Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ. Hope you may know that the situation for the people in Middle East. Here we don't have any opportunity to go to church and prayer. In this situation like me people are looking spirtual leads through internet, in this manner your website really superb. Thanks for all your efforts.   
   Mercy says:  
   Hi, Can I have the complete bible to download to my system so that I can read while I am offline  
   vasanth says:  
   brother, i am having nokia 6670 mobile my mobile doesn't accept tamil mobile software can u help me   
   Arun says:  
   I appreciate you for this excellent missionary work.Try to extend all Indian languages.Try to use Bamini Tamil Font   
   Immanuel says:  
   Greetings brother from this Desert land God bless you and your noble ministry. With prayers and love to you. Immanuel  
   George says:  
   Vanakkam. How can I download the entire bible in Tamil?  
   Ronald Leo says:  
   Congrats Father for brining up a Tamil Catholic site for us, which is now a part of even our office environment in such a restricted country . Thank you very much and our prayers are there for it's success and thanks to your team.  
   Amala synthya says:  
   Ur arul vakku website is really excellent u r doing good really and ur job is wonderful keep it up and v welcome ur new creativity also.  
   milton ravichandran says:  
   dear fr we congratulate you for your maiden approach of making bappro and other tamil software. i want to offer this softwres to my parish how can i download it. why don,t you offer this facility to all parish in india especially tamilnadu at free of cost. thank you milton  
   keijo says:  
   "To the Lord I cry aloud,and he anwers me from his holy hill." Enjoy that greet you with this fair write from dear the bible with cheerful hearts and love to you all in Christ,thanks your help to the lost and win and win, pray for gospel,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden  
   xavier says:  
   your work is very superb. I want to load the Bible software into my computer. Is it possible to download the entire Bible. please clarify. thank you,  
   C.Antoine Maira Jerome says:  
   It's really amazing. I didn't know this web. Now only i feel i am very close to Jesus Christ. Why don't you start sending daily messages thro'email? Praise the Lord.  
   Jerish says:  
   Father, Really a great effort to come up with a site for Tamil Bible. I like the search option to navigate to the required chaper.  
   I.Sabina Seelan says:  
   I heard the Holy mass given in the site. It is very consoling for the people at home, particularly the eucharistic celebration and the prayer at the end of the mass heals and soothes our soul. The choir and the songs is very lively with divine presence. Thank you very much for the team which prepared everything and inserted in the site.  
   amirtharaj.s says:  
   rev.,fr., very nice to your work. we are media persin, we support to any media works. we wish happy and peacefull new year amirtharaj.s LIVE COMMUNICATION 93451 60253   
   Michael Inbaraj svd says:  
   Hello, it was a wonderful surprise. I had never known that there was a wonderful site and beautiful adventure.My love to all those who put their efforts to give this site. Showeres of blessings on you all. I feel that God has come to room to visit me through this site. With love, Michael Inbaraj svd  
   Thomas Bosco says:  
   Congrutlatin for your all efforts to put "Word of God" in on-line. In the NEWS( Voice of God/Words to read/ Words to Think/Read-think-follow) section in scrolling words are fast. you can provide a scrolling speed such that if anybdody wants to read slow/fast can adjust. Thanks a lot for this. Bosco  
   Thomas Bosco says:  
   Dear Rev Father Adikala Rasa, We are proud of having "Word of God" in on-line. One request if you could provide a new feature as "To day's Reading" and display thw contents of I,II and Gospel reading, it will be very usefull to read before go to the mass. Even if won't get change to mass we can read Word of God. Even in the feed back you can add some attachement option to add some files. Thanks a lot for your innovative achivement for all your effort. With love, Bosco  
   Dear Father, The site is awesome! I begin my day listening to the touching songs in the audio attached here. It's wonderful experience listening to songs and working...... My prayers and well wishes to you and your devoted group!!!!  
   Benher says:  
   father, nice meeting you thru' this mail. Hope your are doing well. i think there is a error on the 'Add Link' page. the site is well developed. have you completed your studies? send me your address ooooor update the site?!!!?. just for fun. i lost your mobile no. keep in touch. thanks. ben   
   s joseph xavier says:  
   Dear Fr., I am s joseph xavier from the orgin of Azhagappapuram, kanyakumari dist, at present working in Qatar. In here i am found your web site. really it is very useful to my spritual life. Thank you for your greate ful work!! i will pray to god, to you for achive many good news works!! Praise the lord!  
   Dushy Gnanapragasam says:  
   I found the link to the Tamil bible a most resourceful tool. Thank you very much. All your hard work in maintaining this site is much appreciated.  
   fr aromi says:  
   Hello father I am a tamil priest.I do appreciate all ur fruitful works of presentation of the Tamil Bible in the Net. We use power point presentation in our liturgical celebrations.When we copy and paste certein passages for display we couldn secceed because of the font problem.Can u tell me what font u have used so that we can install that font.I am serving all the Tamil catholics in Singapore.We have Tamil liturgical celbrations in 7 Churces including my Parish. Thanking u fr aromi  
   K.K.Jothy Kumar says:  
   I want daily morning any bible words you will send my e-mail id.I am also think any time jesus bibles words.pray to god nearest to we and the god.thank you  
   JOHN LOURDES says:  
   Good work, Tamil Online Bible is worthy. My wishes and prayers to the team. I was not able to connect to the devotional songs section.   
   P.Brownson says:  
   I am very happy to see ur web. Bcoz i am a christian, but i am not follow the rules of christian. This web is very useful to me. Surely i am convey to my frnds abt this web.   
   Gnanaraj. S says:  
   Father, this site is beyond excellent. You done a really god's good job. thank you very much. Gnanaraj.  
   solomon raj says:  
   Thanks for your wonderful work that you have done.  
   அழகிய பாண்டியன் says:  
   கடவுளுக்கு மகிமை சேர்க்கும் ஓர் உன்னத இண  
   babu Pushparaj says:  
   Dear father, thanks for bring out this beatiful work. i do not know how to search a particular verse. for example i wanted to see Lk 15:1-15. i chose the book Luke and the gospel of luke appeared. then when i mentioned the chapter and the verse the  
   Inbanathan.L says:  
   Dear Rev.Fr, Praise the Lord!!! I am everyday getting blessing from your site which is my bible and your healing song for hear are realy spritual food for mind and body. All I request is that If any way I can download these spritual food songs  
   Rev. D. Benher Stephen says:  
   Dear Father, Peace to you. Hope you are doing well by the Grace of God. Where are you now. I was searching you in Pudur. Any way this is just to say hello to you. kindly respond. God Bless ben   
   nirmalabritto says:  
   The new corrected Bible is very good .I was i saudi arabia for 14 years . This will definitely help the people who really love to read and have no access/ Good work and our prayers are allways with u in christ nirmala   
   rozario anand says:  
   its really great to have a catholic online bible in tamil. let we all try to share about this site to all our friends.  
   I J Augustine says:  
   Amazed to see Catholic version of Holy Bible on the net. I pray to GOD almighty to shower his Blessing to all who made it happen. Suggestion : when we search from a verse (number) to another verse (number), the verse numbers are not indicated prope  
   Joseph says:  
   Please add also Tamil bibel OV .Mostly we read that version.Thanks God bless  
   Fr. John Bosco says:  
   Dear father, You have done a wonderful work. The church will remember you with gratitude  
   albert says:  
   its good pls upload older version its best for old persons and generation Tahnk You GOD BLESS YOU  
   Ruban Antony Raj S.A. says:  
   Good Work. But Still it needs some modifications.,ex. to search a sentencs or word in a particular chapter there is no way to find help.  
   augustine says:  
   thanks to the lord.the grace of lord jesus is always be with you  
   Ragu Samuel says:  
   "Thanks to Lord Jesus" I visted this site, its really good.I have one humble request to you.Could you please upload the songs and mass audios,its very usefull to us like whoever in foreign countries.We will listen the songs and rejoice with Lord J  

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